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Testing: Process

Testing: Process

Our Testing Process

The testing process usually involves 3 appointments.

STEP 1: Consultation

The first step in our testing process is the consultation appointment. It will typically last somewhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This appointment is necessary in determining if testing is warranted and, if so, what tests are needed for the psychologist to determine an accurate diagnosis. The psychologist will ask questions about the patient’s concerns, symptoms, childhood and development, traumatic history, psychiatric history, medical history, education, occupation, social history, substance use, and coping & supports.

After the consultation, our Testing Coordinators will reach out to schedule the next two steps. The time between the consultation and the next step (testing day) may differ based on the type of testing ordered by the psychologist.

What to bring
  • If the client has had previous testing, bring copies to your consultation, or email them to [email protected] prior to the consultation.
  • Please bring a list of current medications to this appointment.
For minors

If this appointment is for a child:

  1. The child must be present for this appointment, even if the appointment is via telehealth.
  2. A parent or legal guardian who is able to answer questions about the child’s symptoms, background information, and medical information must accompany the child.
  3. If you (the parent or legal guardian) want to share something with the provider you would not like your child to hear, we have the following recommendations:
    • For young children, a second adult can accompany the child to the waiting room for part of the assessment or the parent can provide a previously written document. For telehealth sessions, the appointment can be divided to include time with the child and without. If you have a preference regarding this, please let the psychologist know at the beginning of the session.
    • For teens, it is recommended that all information be provided with the teen present. In the state of TN, teenagers 16 years of age or older hold confidentiality rights. Therefore, the psychologist will typically not be able to talk to parents privately without the teen’s consent via a signed release of information. However, even when the teen consents, it is typically not recommended that providers and parents talk about the teen patient behind his/her back except in extenuating circumstances. Limits of confidentiality include serious suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, or abuse. In these cases, information may be shared without the teen’s consent.
STEP 2. Testing Appointment

At this appointment, the patient will take the tests that are determined by their psychologist. The testing is administered by one of our testing team staff, not your psychologist. Our testing includes a multitude of tests, which are necessary for diagnosis. Testing may last a few hours or longer.

All testing starts at 9:00 am across all testing locations. At 12:00 pm, we take a break for lunch and come back at 1:00 pm to finish any testing left. The testing day must be scheduled as an in-person appointment at one of our testing locations.

For more information about the testing day, see our What to Expect—Testing Appointment page.

STEP 3. Results Appointment

While scheduling the testing day, the Testing Coordinators will also usually schedule the results appointment. The results appointment is scheduled for at least a few weeks after the testing day. This appointment typically lasts somewhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

In this appointment, the psychologist will discuss the results of the tests with the patient (and/or patient’s parent/legal guardian if patient is under the age of 16) and give diagnoses that correlate with the results and evaluation of the testing. Next steps for treatment are also discussed. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions they have about the test results and next steps.

Patients 16 years or older should always be present for the results appointment. Participation is recommended for younger teens as well, but not required. Young children are not required to be present for feedback sessions.

Additional Information

Cancellation fee: There is a cancellation fee of $150 for not showing up to or cancelling your testing day appointment within 48 hours of the appointment. Please call or text our main line number (615) 320-1155 if you need to cancel your appointment. If you endorse that you have consumed alcohol or illicit drugs within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule and will be charged the no-show fee.

There is an exception to this for emergencies and illness. Please do not come to your testing appointment sick.

Rescheduling Policy: We will only reschedule a testing day appointment two times. After a third testing day appointment is cancelled, we will no longer reschedule the client for any testing day appointments.

Testing Timeline: Our timeline for testing can vary. This is due to the high demand for psychological testing in our region. Depending on the type of testing ordered by the psychologist, you may be waiting multiple months between your consultation and your testing day.

Testing Locations: Your testing can be done at any Athena Care location where testing is available. You do not have to go to the same office for testing as you did for your consultation appointment. Our Testing Coordinators will inform you of what locations at Athena Care are available for testing when you are in contact with them.

Scheduling the Testing: The time between the consultation and scheduling your testing day appointment can vary. Our Testing Coordinators normally call around 2 weeks following the consultation appointment. A variety of factors can shorten or extend this time, including when the psychologist submits your information to the Coordinators, when our billing department can verify your insurance benefits, etc. If it has been over 2 weeks following your consultation, please contact us at (615) 320-1155 to reach our testing team and inquire about scheduling the next appointment.

ADHD Medication: If you are on medication for ADHD, please inform the psychologist and testing team during or after your consultation. Medication for ADHD can affect testing scores. Our testing team has protocols for testing people who are on medications for ADHD so we can get the most accurate results possible.

Telehealth Appointments: If your consultation and/or test results appointment is scheduled for telehealth, you usually must be in the state of Tennessee in order for our psychologists to conduct telehealth services. This is due to licensure reasons. However, some psychologists are licensed with other states, and if you are located out of Tennessee or will be located in a different state for a telehealth appointment, you can ask about working with one of these providers (depending on the state you are located in). Please keep this in mind when scheduling.

Here is the virtual waiting room directory for Athena Care providers: www.athenacare.health/waitingroom/
When it is time for your telehealth appointment, please find your provider’s name on this directory and click the link to their virtual waiting room.

For minors: Patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their legal guardian for the consultation and the test results appointments. Patients ages 16 and up must attend the test results appointment. Participation is recommended for younger teens as well, but not required. Young children are not required to be present for feedback sessions.

Achievement Testing: Athena Care can conduct Achievement testing for assessment of learning disorders. This is not an IQ test; rather, it focuses on academic performance. Insurance does not cover this testing because it is considered educational, as opposed to medical, so it has a flat cost of $600. Additionally, it will add a full day of testing on top of the recommended psychological evaluation. This testing must be done with a psychological evaluation, so instead of 3 appointments, it will be 4 appointments.


If you have any additional questions regarding testing at Athena Care, please call or text us at (615) 320-1155. Our testing lines can be reached in the new patient or existing patient sections. Please listen to the directory for “testing.” Thank you!