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Patient Portal Information

Patient Portal Information

Healow makes it easier to manage your mental health

Request medication refills, send messages, access health records and more on the Healow mobile app. Alternately, you can perform all of these functions on the web portal at health.healow.com/athenacare.

Get started in a few easy steps

  • Download Healow from your mobile app store (Apple or Google)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Enter Practice Code FIBDD (all letters)
  • Finish a couple more settings and you’ll be ready to use the app!

Request refills and send messages

Use Healow to request a medication refill or to message your provider, instead of calling or texting.

Healow app medications and messages functions
Healow app request refill page
Healow app messages

Important information about medication refill requests

  • Please request routine refills through the app or the online portal
  • For urgent refill requests, please text (preferred) or call 615-307-4693
  • If you have not seen your provider in the last 90 days, you must schedule an appointment to receive a refill on medication