OCD Quiz

How to use our OCD quiz?

This online, free, and confidential OCD quiz assesses whether you experience symptoms of OCD and related disorders. This quiz is not diagnostic and is for informational purposes only.

How long is the OCD quiz?

Our free OCD quiz is 9 questions long and will probably take less than 5 minutes to finish.

What questions are in the OCD quiz?

Each question has 2 potential answers: Yes or No

Examples of scenarios in this assessment include:

  • Feeling compelled to do certain things over and over again
  • Experiencing intrusive thoughts
  • Asking people for reassurance
What is this OCD quiz based on?

This quiz is based on questions from the Structured Clinicial Interview for DSM Disorders in addition to questions from clinical practice.

Next Steps

If you or someone you love struggles with challenges related to OCD or related disorders, effective treatments are available.

Call your doctor or contact Athena Care, for mental health care in Tennessee.

One of our Care Coordinators will help you get the care you need.