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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Online Therapy?

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Online Therapy?

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Online Therapy?

Yes, most Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance company health plans cover online therapy.1 In addition, many Blue Cross Blue Shield chapters have relationships with online networks.

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How to Verify BCBS Coverage for Telehealth Therapy

Athena Care is in-network with most major insurance plans. Filling out our free and confidential online insurance verification form is the best way to determine the specifics of your Blue Cross Blue Shield telehealth therapy coverage.

Allow our highly experienced, expert care coordinators to obtain more information for you about Blue Cross Blue Shield online therapy services. After completing the form, a care coordinator at one of our multiple behavioral health treatment clinics in Tennessee will review your insurance policy and clearly explain your options. Rest assured, all submitted or discussed information will remain private.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

One of the key advantages of telehealth therapy is the ability to participate in therapy sessions via your phone, computer, or tablet. This implies that you may conduct online therapy nearly anywhere with a fast, dependable internet connection. Furthermore, evidence shows that online treatment can be equally effective as in-person therapy for various mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and panic disorder.2

According to a study in the American Journal of Managed Care,3 when comparing virtual visits to office visits, around 63% of patients and 59% of doctors observed no difference in the overall session quality.

The following are some additional benefits of online therapy:4

  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Treatment can be more accessible, especially for those in rural or remote areas and those with physical disabilities

Furthermore, patients may opt for face-to-face therapy if online counseling proves helpful and is associated with positivity. According to research5 led by an adjunct clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, college students who needed more extensive eating disorder therapy were more likely to seek it after participating in a digital body-image program.

Who is Virtual Therapy Not Right For?

Online therapy is unsuitable for those requiring immediate and direct treatment or in-person intervention. For example, mental health professionals don’t recommend online therapy for a severe substance use disorder or more complex mental health-related symptoms unless you are simultaneously receiving additional in-person therapies or treatments from a licensed therapist.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost Without Insurance?

Some alternatives provide online therapy without insurance if you cannot find online therapy that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Most online therapy services charge between $60 and $90 per session.6 Some platforms are more or less expensive based on their functionality. For example, you should expect to pay more if you have access to medication management with a psychiatrist. On the other hand, it may be less expensive if your package solely involves communicating with a mental health therapist.

Online Therapy at Athena Care

The following are guidelines for using online therapy at Athena Care:

  • In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, virtual visits are conducted using our HIPAA compliant technology.
  • Virtual visits are offered at no additional cost to you.
  • You can participate in sessions from home or any location deemed appropriate by you and your Care Provider.

Initial visits, psychological testing, or visits requiring lab collections or a medical exam must be done in person. Virtual visits are covered by most insurance companies but some plans may include a surcharge for the use of a telemedicine platform.  Not all of our Care Providers offer this service.  Ask your Care Provider or call our office at (615) 320-1155 for more information.


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